About me

IMG_4902-h2_800I am a self-publishing author and musician. That might make me a professional storyteller but I feel more like an adventurer.

Music is the liquid in my veins. If you are interested in my own songs and music, read no further and click right here to find my music. Go ahead, it’s all free to stream.

In recent years I have worked on more than 40 video games for various publishers and have written and published 10 books and 2 solo albums. For a complete list of references, please contact me.

Though I occasionally blog on this website, my main work as an author happens in printed books and on my German website Urgeschmack. I write about food and food culture and help my readers to make the choices that best suit their goals and lifestyles while inspiring them to connect to their cultural heritage.

In 2012 I started to work on my debut album, writing, composing, recording, finishing one song per month and releasing it on this website. I published my first solo album Blood and Souls in 2013. It is an album full of brutally intimate, intensely emotional music. I created this album all by myself, wrote all the lyrics, composed all the songs and played & recorded all instruments. It was a lot of hard, challenging and, thus, fun work.

In 2015 I released its successor Love and Passion, an album of acoustic music.

Some more background information:

I don’t have a permanent residence. Instead I travel the world to research, meet like-minded people and to help and inspire fellow humans. This way I get to do lots of crazy, interesting or fun stuff like roasting cocoa beans or testing coffee, learning how to bake the perfect pizza crust, playing music with an Alaskan teacher in New Zealand or modeling for an international figure drawing class.

I believe that sharing inspiration is among the greatest gifts we as humans are capable of.

Also, I am thoroughly grateful to all my friends and fans. It is great to meet and talk to you guys. Thank you for sharing your art and your lives with me. I am entitled to none of this and no one owes me anything. That makes it even more valuable to me.

In the past I have also worked as a video game developer, hosted a Heavy Metal radio show, written other books, started a distribution business for South African chocolate in Germany and done various other things that I thought were fun and made me the person I am today. On felixonfood.com you will find my videos about how food, joy, health and sustainability are all connected. We all eat. Food unites us all regardless of language, religion, culture or nationality.