Just when I had pressed down the plunger of the carefully prepared French Press and was about to pour a cup of my freshly ground, cherished Rosetta Asuvim coffee, my Parisian host’s oldest son entered the kitchen, drew a cup from the drip filter machine that had been idling there for at least an hour and rammed it … Continue reading Choices

You owe the world

What those quotations leave us with, though, is this: If you are an artist, you have to give and give and give and never expect anything in return:

You owe the world. No one owes you.

That might sound daunting. At the same time, I think it is liberating.

Go out and rock. Now. … Continue reading

Come Home

This song is a long story, cut short. I wrote it over the course of several years in different places until I finally rewrote the lyrics from scrap and changed the intro music. Finally, it worked. I am still not quite sure what happened but friends told me they just love it and I like … Continue reading Come Home

The Story of The Eye and the Hand or: How to turn your weakness into a strength

After almost 20 years of struggling with being unable to sing, finding fellow musicians and getting any music published, I suddenly knocked out a finished song, complete with vocals and all. I enjoyed it so much that I made an entire album and released it as a CD. It was just  a matter of hours. How … Continue reading The Story of The Eye and the Hand or: How to turn your weakness into a strength

The Ballad of Timothy Mann

I am currently in Cape Town, South Africa, working on a few projects and also finishing writing songs for my next album. My next release will be focussed on acoustic guitar and voice with only a few additions of drum or piano here and there. I am very excited about this project as it is mainly the fruit of my vocal lessons with the wonderful Angelika Norwidat during the past two years. “The Ballad of Timothy Mann” is dedicated to my dear friend Tim. He lives and works in Alaska. I met him on a trip through New Zealand, he is a lovely person and a singer/songwriter himself. Enjoy and let me know how you like it. … Continue reading

Big, firm tits = Good song?

When it comes to the feminine beauty ideal the world seems to be changing its view and is even beginning to stigmatize superficial views. However, in music most of the world still clings to an ideal, a very restrcitive set of rules that describe what a song has to be like in order to be considered good. Is this ever going to change? … Continue reading